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So integrieren Frauen* die Ovy App in ihren Alltag

Ovy App und Thermometer

Lebe im Einklang mit deinem Zyklus!

No Baby Box

No Baby Box


✓ Du willst endlich in einen natürlichen Zyklus starten? Mit der No Baby Box erhältst du alle Produkte, die dir dabei helfen.

✓ Das ist in deiner Box enthalten: 

  • 1 Ovy Bluetooth Thermometer 
  • 1 x 30 Kapseln Zyklus-Boost Nahrungsergänzungsmittel von Lunary
  • 1 x 7 St. einhorn Kondome
  • 1 x Ratgeber "Pille absetzen"

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Is the No Baby Box suitable for me?

The No Baby Box is suitable for you if:

  • you want to start a natural cycle
  • you can measure your temperature at the same time every morning
  • you get at least four hours of sleep in a row

Does unusual alcohol consumption, a cold or disturbed sleep affect the methodology?

Basically, the main disruptive factors are too little sleep, going to bed too late, illness, night sweats or chills, stress, exhaustion, late dinners, medication, alcohol and other drugs. If disruptive factors occur, you can simply exclude your temperature on that day.

Natürliches Zyklustracking

Was ist in der Box?

Ovy Bluetooth Thermometer

The popular Ovy Bluetooth thermometer is your daily companion. Together with the Ovy app, you can determine your fertile days in your cycle, your ovulation, your next period and much more based on your temperature.

Natural cycle BOOST from Lunary

The food supplement has been specially developed for women* who do not use hormonal contraception. It contains the most important supplementary micronutrients for women* during the natural cycle, optimally dosed for the first and second phases of the cycle.

einhorn condoms

The Tyrannosaurus Sex BIG condoms offer protection on your fertile days. The condoms come in size 57mm. They are vegan, cruelty-free and have a special bell shape for more sensation.

Book "Stop taking the pill"

Find your way to a hormone-free life with the book 'Stop taking the pill'. The guide offers a clear, simple roadmap for women who want to stop taking the pill. In five practical steps, this book will guide you safely and informed through the transition to a more natural lifestyle.


The science behind Ovy

We use data instead of hormones

An egg cell can be fertilized for a maximum of 12-24 hours per cycle. With the help of the Ovy app and thermometer, you can determine when your fertile and non-fertile days are for each cycle. The Ovy app evaluates various body signals, including basal body temperature and cervical mucus.

Test now

About the founders

Female health is our mission.

We developed Ovy because we wanted to regulate our own conception naturally. Mood swings, headaches and other side effects of artificial hormones determined our everyday lives. And it wasn't just us! So many women* report similar problems. This encouraged us to find a solution and so we developed the Ovy app and the thermometer.

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