How it works

We help you to get pregnancy and track your cycle.

1. Take your temperature.

Take your basal temperature first thing in the morning. The Ovy Bluetooth Thermometer transfers your data directly to the Ovy App.

2. Track more data

Track other body signals during the day to make the calculation of your fertile and non fertile days more accurate.

3. Track fertile and non fertile days

Based on your data you can use the Ovy App to track your cycle or get pregnant, or simply get to know the sensations of your body.

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Ovy Premium & Thermometer

Get the Bluetooth Thermometer for €79.90 + free access to Ovy Premium.

Get the Ovy Bluetooth Thermometer.
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After that €4.99 / month or €49.99 / year.
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Access to all Ovy Premium features.

Ovy Partner App, Cycle Chart, Pregnancy Mode and more
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Our mission

Female health is our mission.

It's very nice to meet you! Our mission is to help women live healthily. Together with our team, we develop products for the female cycle and for women to get a better understanding of their fertility. We developed the Ovy product range and Ovy App with the greatest sense of responsibility. We hope you enjoy using the Ovy App and Ovy products as much as we do. We are excited to be part of your journey.

Six years ago, depression, mood swings and loss of libido ran like a red thread through my life. It took me a while to figure out why: It was small, round – the “birth control pill”.

Eva, Ovy Founder

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Did you know that we have already helped 25,000 women and couples fulfill their desire to have a baby? I was one of them, by the way. As I have tracked my cycle for many years before, I knew exactly when my ovulation would occur.

Lina, Ovy Founder

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A solution for women.

Cycle tracker and lifestyle app.

A true tech start-up.

Ovy makes natural fertility tracking child’s play.

Best cycle app: Ovy.

Smart technology and a natural alternative.

Basal thermometer as an alternative methode.

The best products for monitoring your cycle.

These are the 7 best cycle apps.

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