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Ovy App und Thermometer

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Ovy App Lifetime Membership with Bluetooth Thermometer

Ovy App Lifetime Membership with Bluetooth Thermometer

€149,90 €178,90

✓ Fruchtbare und nicht fruchtbare Tage basierend auf Temperatur bestimmen.

✓ Bei Kinderwunsch oder zur Empfängnisregelung.

✓ Mit Ärzt:innen entwickelt.

An egg cell can be fertilized for a maximum of 12-24 hours per cycle. With the help of the Ovy app and thermometer, you can determine when your fertile and non-fertile days are for each cycle. The Ovy app evaluates various body signals, including basal body temperature and cervical mucus.

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About the founders

Female health is our mission.

We developed Ovy because we wanted to regulate our own conception naturally. Mood swings, headaches and other side effects of artificial hormones determined our everyday lives. And it wasn't just us! So many women* report similar problems. This encouraged us to find a solution and so we developed the Ovy app and the thermometer.

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