Ovy App Lifetime-Mitgliedschaft mit GRATIS Bluetooth Thermometer

Die fruchtbaren Tage im Zyklus einfach und sicher bestimmen.

Ovy App Lifetime Membership with FREE Bluetooth Thermometer

Ovy App Lifetime Membership with FREE Bluetooth Thermometer


✅ Einfache und sichere Methode zur Empfängnisregelung.

✅ Eisprung, Periode, Fruchtbare Tage im Zyklus bestimmen.

✅ Mit Ärzt:innen entwickelt, basierend auf einer anerkannten Methode.

✅ Zertifiziertes Medizin-Produkt.

Hormone-free. Effective. Certified.

The #1 Cycle Tracking App

✓ Precisely calculates the day of ovulation, the fertile phase, and the next period.

✓ Easy documentation of data such as temperature, period, test results, skin, hair, mood, and more.

✓ Detailed BBT chart for exporting and sharing with healthcare professionals.

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Let's compare contraception

Effectiveness of contraceptive methods in comparison

The Ovy App's algorithm is based on the symptothermal method. The method's typical-use effectiveness is 98 %. The Ovy App, combined with the Ovy Bluetooth Thermometer, helps you learn the method quickly and safely, even if you have no prior knowledge.

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About the founders

Female health is our mission.

Together with experts, we have digitized the hormone-free method for women* and couples to naturally prevent pregnancy or conceive. We ourselves have experienced hormonal side effects. As long-time users of the method, our mission is to make the method as effective and straightforward as possible.

With the Ovy App Lifetime offer, the Ovy App becomes your lifelong companion - from period to menopause! As a special bonus, you even receive the popular Ovy Bluetooth Thermometer.

What are you waiting for? It's time for a new body awareness, where you make your cycle as your own superpower. We are so excited to be part of your journey. Thank you for your trust!

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