Ovy App Lifetime Membership with Bluetooth Thermometer

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✓ We have the summer special for you!

✓ For a limited time, we offer you a lifetime membership of the Ovy Premium App* with Ovy Bluetooth Thermometer!

✓ It has never been so easy to track your fertile days in your cycle, the day of your ovulation, your next period, and more, all based on your temperature and other body signals.

✓ After acquiring the membership, you can use the Ovy Premium App unlimited, including all future feature updates.

Important: Please use the same email address during checkout that you will use to register in the Ovy App! If you already have an Ovy App account, use the registered email address during checkout.

*The Ovy App is not a contraceptive and is therefore not certified as a medical device for contraception.

The algorithm of the Ovy App is based on the sympto-thermal method.

Please note, the Ovy App is not a contraceptive and is therefore not certified as a medical device for contraception.

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Customer reviews

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By using the app and taking my temperature, I got to know my body in a new and better way. (...) If you want to get to know your body, Ovy is a fantastic option.

The Ovy Bluetooth Basal Thermometer completely removes the need for a stopwatch. Say goodbye to using your phone to illuminate the display so you don’t wake your husband, and forget about typing temperature readings into your phone. I’m thrilled! Nothing but thrilled.

I love it so much! New App new feeling for my body.

The Ovy Thermometer and Ovy App are a gift. Every woman should be familiar with Ovy and start using it. The Ovy team, the content, the app and the basal thermometer have become an indispensable part of my life. Ovy, please carry on with the excellent work and continue making the world a better place!

I’ve been drugged up on hormones for so long and finally you guys came along. Thank you for educating people and developing products that help women learn more about their bodies. This is just what we need – better education and individual responsibility for our bodies.

I’ve been using the Ovy Bluetooth Basal Thermometer along with the Ovy App for 11 months and am very happy with it, as it makes it much easier for me to use the NFP method and displays my temperature curve within the app according to the NFP guidelines.

How it works

1. Download the Ovy App and connect your Bluetooth thermometer.

2. Take your temperature in the morning before you get up.

3. Track other body signals like sleep, fitness, period etc.

4. The Ovy App calculates your fertile and non fertile days.



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Ovy App Lifetime Membership with Bluetooth Thermometer