Yes Baby Box


✓ Do you want to get pregnant? The No Baby Box is just what you need. It contains everything necessary to calculate the fertile window. 

✓ Here is what you get in one box: 

  • 1 Ovy Bluetooth Thermometer that transfers your temperature via Bluetooth to the Ovy App.
  • 1 Ovy Ovulation Test Strips (LH test strip) to determine when you are ovulating.
  • 1 Ovy Pregnancy Test Strips with 99.99 % accuracy from the first day your period is due.
  • 1 Ovy Bag - your travel companion.
  • Buy the Ovy Bluetooth thermometer and get 3 months free access to the Ovy Premium App including the cycle chart export for visits to your gynecologist, the Ovy Partner App and much more.

✓ For all women looking for hormon free contraception and/or family planning.

  • 3 Minuten Standard Messzeit nach Empfehlung für die symptothermale Methode
  • Vibration und/oder Tonsignal über die Ovy App einzustellen
  • Flexible Messspitze für die orale oder vaginale Messung
  • Speicherung von 30 Messungen auf dem Gerät 
  • Akku-Laufzeit für 60 Messungen
  • Beleuchtetes LED-Display
  • Messgenauigkeit ±0,05 °C
  • Lithium Ionen Akku 3,7V/240mAh
  • Voraussetzung: Bluetooth Low Energy Technologie 4.0
  • Voraussetzung: iOS ab Version 10.0 & Android ab 5.0 Lollipop
  • 2-year guarantee
  • Lieferumfang: USB-Ladekabel

Bei einigen Android Geräten funktioniert die Übertragung der Temperatur (im Hintergrund) eingeschränkt. Eine Liste der Android Geräte findest du in unseren AGB.

Ovy Auszeichnungen

How it works

1. Download the Ovy App and connect your Bluetooth thermometer.

2. Take your temperature in the morning before you get up.

3. Track other body signals like sleep, fitness, period etc.

4. The Ovy App calculates your fertile and non fertile days.

The #1 App to get pregnant – recommended by gynecologists

The algorithm which the Ovy App uses is based on the symptothermal method. This is recommended by gynecologists to support couple to get pregnant. The method predicts the fertile window, the day of ovulation and next period. The Ovy App used in combination with the Ovy Thermometer helps learning how to apply the method quickly and effective without any prior knowledge.

Our story

Our mission is to improve women’s health using innovative products. We developed the Ovy App along with the accompanying thermometer with gynaecologists and experts. We wanted to develop a hormone-free alternative to the pill that is simple, effective and not as costly as other products on the market. On the other we wanted to support couples who want to get pregnant. When we held the first product in our hands, we knew that we would be able to make a positive difference to the lives of women around the world when it comes to their reproductive health – including yours!”

Lina & Eva, Ovy founders

200.000 glückliche Kund:innen

By using the app and taking my temperature, I got to know my body in a new and better way. (...) If you want to avoid hormone-free contraceptives, Ovy is a fantastic option.

The Ovy Bluetooth Basal Thermometer completely removes the need for a stopwatch. Say goodbye to using your phone to illuminate the display so you don’t wake your husband, and forget about typing temperature readings into your phone. I’m thrilled! Nothing but thrilled.

The perfect basal thermometer for contraception or simply to get to know your own female cycle better. I can thoroughly recommend it.

The Ovy Thermometer and Ovy App are a gift. Every woman should be familiar with Ovy and start using it. The Ovy team, the content, the app and the basal thermometer have become an indispensable part of my life. I can only encourage and inspire every woman to choose a hormone-free way of life. Ovy, please carry on with the excellent work and continue making the world a better place!

I’ve been drugged up on contraceptives for so long and finally you guys came along. Thank you for educating people and developing products that support natural contraception. This is just what we need – better education and individual responsibility for our bodies.

I’ve been using the Ovy Bluetooth Basal Thermometer along with the Ovy App for 11 months and am very happy with it, as it makes it much easier for me to use the NFP method and displays my temperature curve within the app according to the NFP guidelines.

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