Mittelschmerz: how you feel ovulation

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  • About one-third of all women notice a pulling sensation or pain at irregular intervals around the time of ovulation.
  • This ovulation pain, as it’s known, is initially no cause for concern.
  • In this article you will learn everything about causes and treatment options.

A twitch in your abdomen doesn’t necessarily mean that your period is about to start. On the contrary: what is known as “Mittelschmerz” occurs toward the middle of the cycle, one to two days before ovulation or as a result of ovulation. That is why it is also called ovulation pain or intermenstrual pain. Around a third of all women experience this pain at irregular intervals.

How do I distinguish Mittelschmerz from period pain?

Mittelschmerz occurs only toward the middle of the cycle and only if ovulation has occurred. To identify the pain correctly, monitoring your...

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