Libido: will my desire for sex come back after stopping the pill?

For many women, the loss of their libido (which is what sexual desire is called) is the main reason for stopping the pill. The good news: it is very probable that your libido will increase again, once your natural cycle has set in. However, how long this takes varies from woman to woman. Some women already have a stronger desire for sex after just a few weeks, but with others it takes a few months.

Why does the pill influence the libido?

From a hormonal perspective, the body permanently lingers in the second half of the menstrual cycle when on the pill – so in the time after ovulation. This is how the pill works to prevent pregnancy. Antiandrogenic pills in particular cause testosterone levels to be extremely low. But this male hormone is what is responsible for sexual desire.

How do you stimulate the libido?

A balanced diet with few animal-based dairy products and “bad” carbohydrates, and gentle exercise help with detoxing the body. There are also natural products, such as Maca or the Ayurvedic herb shatavari, which are purported to have a libido-promoting effect. However, if after six months, you haven’t noticed any change at all in your libido, you should investigate the reason by asking your doctor to check the status of your hormones.+++

When should the libido be particularly high?

During ovulation. For the purpose of reproduction, nature has evolved so that the desire for sex is particularly high around the time of ovulation. During this period, testosterone levels are around 30 percent higher than during the other phases of the cycle. Studies have shown that around the time of ovulation, women are particularly fastidious in their choice of sexual partner. Androstenone, a byproduct of the male sex hormone testosterone, also only has a sexually arousing effect on women during this phase.